low sodium dietQ. I have a delicate stomach as well as buddies have suggested that I take acidophilus supplements. Just what do these do? When I visited get some I recognized they range in price from 8-40$ which some places refrigerate them as well as some don’t. What’s the most effective kind? Do the tablets spoil if they’re not in the fridge?

A. I’ll avoid the lecture about taking nourishment suggestions from well-meaning pals. Acidophilus is simply another name for probiotic germs. I discussed to the benefits of these ‘pleasant’ microorganisms in one of my earlier podcasts. Although I make sure there some excellent brands out there, acquiring acidophilus or other probiotic supplements is a little a crap shoot. Often, they do not include anywhere near the promoted amount of energetic bacteria as well as cross-contamination with unwanted germs is not uncommon. Pricey, cooled brand names may be more reputable yet are not immune to troubles. They may be presented in a chilled case at the grocer’s however exactly how can you make sure they were kept cool throughout transport and also storage? If you’re looking to add beneficial bacteria to your diet regimen (which may or could not aid your ‘sensitive stomach’), I recommend eating much more cultured foods like yogurt, kefir, or fresh (not canned) sauerkraut rather. You could additionally get ‘acidophilus milk,’ which is form of half-way between milk and yogurt, at numerous natural food stores.

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