blood type dietIliotibial band friction syndrome (also recognized as IT band friction disorder)- an unpleasant problem outside of your knee or hip that commonly happens after running or cycling-is the bane of exercise lovers almost everywhere. Yet interestingly, it ends up that the beginning of this type of knee or hip discomfort can actually be dependent on your gender.

A study recently released in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Scientific research in Sports compared 48 runners with IT band friction disorder to 48 healthy runners. The ladies with knee or hip pain revealed a better quantity of hip turning compared with the healthy, unimpaired ladies. But for males, the outcomes differed. The hurt male runners had better ankle turning, not greater hip turning. In one more research study released in Physical Therapy in Sport, study located that women with knee discomfort had weak hips compared to healthy females, whereas males with knee discomfort had weak knees.

So, just what does this indicate? Right here’s the deal: if you’re a female who has problem with knee discomfort or IT band rubbing syndrome from working out, running, or cycling, you could intend to take a good check out your hip mechanics, especially by:

  1. Seeing a sporting activities chiropractor to have your sacroiliac joint took a look at,
  2. Doing foam rolling and also deep tissue exercises on your hip and also butt location, or
  3. Doing hip opening up go for the front, side, as well as back of your hips.

But if you are a guy that has problem with this very same sort of discomfort, you could not intend to check out your hips, but rather at your knees and also ankles, particularly by:

  1. Paying attention to your vastus medialis muscle mass (VMO) and doing particular strengthening exercises for this infamously weak spot in the knees,
  2. Doing ankle joint flexibility as well as ankle stretching exercises to enhance the celebration of your ankle, or
  3. Strengthening your feet by utilizing proper shoes or even doing barefoot or minimalist footwear exercises.

If you have a lot more concerns about just how men as well as females ought to deal with knee pain in a different way, after that head over to GetFitGuy and ask your questions or sign up with the discussion there!

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